The Horse- Your Responsibility As Owner


I have in the past, and will in the future, written some post about the training of the horse.

I want to touch on your responsibility as a care taker and owner of the horse. In order to get the most out your horse, he needs to be healthy. Regardless of your discipline or if you don’t even ride at all, he or she needs to be maintained in a good healthy condition.

This sometimes means teaching the horse some manners in order for him to be properly taken care of. For instance, if you can’t trim your horse, you will eventually run into problems with their feet. In the wild, the feet stay worked down but in an environment where they are confined, this is not generally possible. Another example, if the horse should get hurt, doctoring is next to impossible unless you use extreme measures. Also, to administer vaccinations. It in the best interest of the horse to have good manners.

It is the responsibility of the owner to know how to feed the horse properly. All locations, activities and disciplines dictate a different diet. Also, the owner needs how to do this economically for his best interest. If your just pouring a lot of money into them, it start erode the interest in having the horse at all. This is not your goal as a horse owner.

Providing a good location for the horse in regards shelter and run out room is necessary for the mental health of horse. Any horse will get sour so to speak if kept in a small confinement where he or she is not allowed to stretch it out. If your in a location where this if not possible on a free choice basis, it is up the horse owner to see that the horse either gets ridden frequently or is turned out in large arena.

We have been blessed by God to have such an amazing creature. It is our responsibility to take care of them properly, or as the Bible says, “be a good steward”.

Grooming is taking care of the horse. Notice the photo above.

These are just a few the responsibilities. Can you think of others? Share your comments with us.

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