The Future Of The Child

The old man was seated in the Chair, the chair for the dinning room table. He was watching the preparation of the meal to come. He was relaxing to say the least. One of his daughter-in-laws handed him the 2 month old baby. “Here, do you want to hold your grandchild?’ she asked. “You bet I do” he replied.

He positioned him on his left shoulder. He started to gently tap his back and rear. The rhythm would allow his grandson to relax, sleep would follow.

The daughter-in-law was not the mother. The mother was busy helping in the kitchen.

The grandfather thought, “this is my contribution by taking care of him so the womenfolk can cook”. We it sounded good in theory. He doubted he would get any approval from them though. He grinned.

The mother would come by from time to time and check on her son. Each time making the comment how relaxed he was on his granddad’s shoulder. Jokingly, the offer was made for him to come over and take care of him. Like I said it was a joke. Seems the child’s day and nights were mixed up. He sleeps during the day and is awake at night. This rough on adults to say the least.

As he looked down at the child, he would notice the tightly closed fist. The grandson was soundly asleep. Such peace he had in his world.

The Grandfather’s thought began to ponder about the infant. What would his life be like later on? What would the world be like when he himself was  the age of his grandfather now? Would he be able to enjoy the integrity of the world as the Grandfather knew it. The Grandfather has seen so many changes in his lifetime, he could only imagine what it would be like in the child’s. Not for the better, no doubt but the grandson would have to make his own way. His parents would have to provide that.

He loved all of his grandchildren. It amazed him how he could love so many and differently. This truly was a gift from God Himself.

He smiled. He still had it. He could still rock and put them to sleep. Ha! He was a blessed man for sure.

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