The Canyon.

The young Indian boy lay silent in the grass. He dared not move a muscle. Any movement could give away his location to the unsuspecting mare. The mare was ready to give birth. She was nervous. It was a very vulnerable time for her and her foal to be. She tested the air again, nothing. She felt better. The birthing process would begin, not that she had that much control on the timing but she could relax and that would help.

Fifteen minutes later, the coal black foal was born. Moments later, he would begin the hunt for his much needed mother’s milk. He found it. He was wobbly but steady enough to get the job done.

The young boy move the grass so gently. He did see the act of nature unfold right before his very eyes. He was amazed at the beauty of the young stud colt. He thought to himself,
one day he will be mine. Little did he know that this thought would come to pass. At the moment, he didn’t know if it would ever come to pass but he was definitely going to try to make it happen.

The mare could not stay to long in this place as the smell would be a dead give away to any predators in the area. She had to move. She moved out with the solid black colt beside her. She would return to the herd. There she had protection in numbers. As usual, their was the process of being accepted by group of mares. The usual sniffing and snorting would happen but instinctively, they knew that this process would the preservation of the herd itself. The herd stallion would give his approval his self. After all, it would his kid, why not?

The young boy had stayed longer that he should have. He had tied his horse about a mile away as to not give away his presence to the horse herd. When he came upon the mare, he concealed himself. He saw the birth and the return to the herd. He would never forget it.

The old stallion lifted his head up. He was testing the air. He smelled something. It was another horse, not of his band. It was a slight smell. He also smelt the boy. He gave the alarm. He was ready to defend his band, if he could only see his enemy. Instantly, the herd moved off, not at a dead run which help little black youngster. It was amazing to see how fast he was able to run after birth. Mother nature would protect him for sure. The Old stallion wanted to get his band away from here, even if he couldn’t see the immediate danger. He did sense it wasn’t an immediate danger but he didn’t want to take any chances.

The young boy slid back toward the edge of the canyon and back to his tied horse. He rode in the direction away from the herd. He didn’t want to cause anymore of an alarm. He knew they knew he was there. Unbeknownst, to him, they would remember him too.

As he rode away, his thoughts went to the future. How he would one day trap and tame that new black colt. He had to have him. It would consume his every move in the future. It was his destiny. It was the destiny for the black colt also. A destiny that both the boy and colt would bond together in a massive influence on each other and those around them. At the moment, the boy was just happy with the anticipation of his future with the black colt. He was happy. If he only knew?

The cowboy had his right leg over the saddle horn. He was rolling his smoke as it was called, he lite it. He was watching the herd. He had plans too. His bay lowered his head to take a bite of grass. Everyone was relaxed. It was a nice spring day. The cowboy rode away, enveloped in his thoughts of the future. He had an destiny also with the black colt.

One edge of the canyon had a rocky ledge. Sunning himself on one of the rocky boulders, a cougar watched the herd go by. He also saw the birth too. He had eaten the night before so he made no attempt to make a kill on the new black colt. With the Old stallion, it would have been a large task. He would remember it nonetheless. His tail switched. He too was relaxed, at least for the moment. His eye caught the movement of the cowboy. He tensed up some. No real danger but humans were never good for mountain lions.

The canyon was a active place today.

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