The American-22

For those of you who don’t know what The American is, it’s an event in the rodeo world that exceeds all other with the exception of the National Finals regarding to money paid out. It divided up in those that have to qualify as opposed to those who are invited. These invitees are made up those with national ranking in their respective events. The payout if divided to $100.000 to the invitees who win first place. The qualifiers (contenders) have a shot at one million dollars if one contender wins it all. You can only have one winner in each event. If there are more than one than one contender winner, it is divided accordingly.  $100,000 for invitees, $1,000,000 for contenders.

As you can see, this event attracts a lot of attention.

This event was sold last year. In years pasted, the American exhibited everything good and honest about the country way of life, that being love of God, Jesus Christ, veterans, America and family. In the past the past, the prayer was an important part of the beginning ceremony. This year was passed over. They may of had it but it was televised. I supposed this is what happens when big business takes over. Evidently, Patrick, previous owner, was different.

However, one glowing event took place that restored my faith in the event. The calf roping event was won by Caleb Smidt. When he accepted his prizes, he was interviewed by Anothy Licia. In this acceptance speech he was asked what made his win possible. This is the part I loved. He gave “all” the glory to Jesus Christ. Not a generic toss up to God, it was Jesus Christ. He made a firm and adamant praise to Him. This was not just a one sentence praise, it was lengthy.

I believe in my heart that Caleb Smidt is a true God-fearing Christian. My prayers that all will learn from his testimony.

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