Today, September 24th, is the last day of basic competition. Tomorrow will be for those that have made it to the finals or Bolte Cup. This is the best of the Best, mostly taken out of level 3 competitors.

But today, is the  William Steinkraus military field jumping. Level 1-3 each will be required to jump to the height of their respective level. Level 1 is 18″, level 2 is 2′ and level 3 is 33”. A specific course is set up to demonstrate the obstacles to be negotiated. Rather a fences, barrels, or flower beds, each present a unique request of both the horse and rider. The objective is to show the ability of the horse to not only jump each obstacle but do it in a timely manner. Though this is not a timed event per se but time definitely plays a part in the over all score. This takes place in the morning.


The afternoon competition will be the Paul Scholtz Mounted Pistol competition. Paul was the chaplain for many years and dearly loved by those involved in this event. A course is set up for each individual levels that require the execution of 6 balloons under various conditions. One of the condition is to jump an upright standard with balloon on each upright, in other words each side. This requires a steady mount and precise timing. It is no small feat to shoot and jump at the same time. Again, time plays a factor in this event. The objective is to go through the course, execute each balloon and be fast about. It takes special training to fire off of a horse. If you don’t believe me, try firing off of one that is not trained.

pistol competition

Chance at the Regional



The 2018 Hessie Cup Winner

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