KJV-Isaiah Connection

I may have presented this before but I wanted to do it again.
Their are 66 books in the English Bible (KJV). Their are 66 chapters in the book Isaiah. their is a connection between the two. The first book of the Bible (Mathew) relates to the 1st chapter in Isaiah. Exodus relates to the 2nd chapter of Isaiah, and so forth and so on until you get to the 66th chapter and Revelation.
Psalms 119:18 ¶ Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.
Just like the book of Isaiah verifies the miraculous nature of the Bible as being the word of God, it also verifies the King James Version is irrefutably the “instrument” of God’s choice for the English speaking world.
I realize that this may create opposition from those in the modern translation crowd. Modern translations take our or add to words in the Bible. This is mainly because they use different manuscripts.
It was determined or discovered that an 629 distinct connections between the chapters of Isaiah and the books of the bible. Indeed, those 629 connections were found abundant in each book.
Out of those 629 connections, 134 of them are translation sensitive. In other words, those 134 connections owe their existence to the fact that the King James translators unwittingly picked he correct English words in translating so as to comply perfectly. This is even though they didn’t know it at the time.
In the coming future I will give examples to verify this truly great gift God has given. These are referred to as nuggets in God’s Word. This should increase your faith in God’s Word. You can rest assured that its truly God’s Word.
Any positive comments or observations are greatly appreciated.
Note: This information was taken from the book, “The Tuning Fork” by Bill MacGregor
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