King James Bible-Chiniquy

In the years prior to Civil War, a young French Priest found himself in a legal battle over some land with the Catholic Church. It seems some other priest wanted the land and this priest didn’t want to give it up. He sought the legal assistance of a young lawyer from Illinois. They ended up winning the legal battle but the hatred for this young lawyer would be far reaching.

The priest name was father Charles Chiniquy.

In later years, this young lawyer would become the president of the United States.

This priest had uncovered some disturb information that he felt would would put the President’s life in danger. The president’s time was precious but he found time for Father Chiniquy. Though with limited time, Father Chiniquy was able to convey his concerns that related to the president. The president listened intently. Finally, he asked the priest. The paper continue to say that I was once a Catholic. I have never been a Catholic. Why would they do that? The priest explained to him what it meant.

The president went to his book shelf and pulled out a bible that he regularly read from. It was a King James Bible. He started talking about Moses and how he felt like he was on the same course. He felt God was at that time bringing the Civil War Conflict to an end but this President would  see peace again but from afar. He would not be able to go into this earthly promise land. He felt the reason he was denied his desire was due to the sins of this nation. He related what Moses had said, “God was wroth with me for you sakes”. This is what he felt God was telling him.

Of course, we know this president was later assassinated.

His name was Abraham Lincoln.

Though President Lincoln wasn’t a religious man, he had a deep relationship with God. He had a contempt for religions that seemed to quarrel on doctrines and policies. It was from Christ Himself that he learned to love God the father and his neighbor. For it was from Jesus Christ he learned the dignity and the value of mankind. His motto was “ye are all brethen, the children of God”.

From the Gospels he learned the principles we should all live by.

credit: Information taken from “50 Years in the Church of Rome” by Charles Chiniquy. 1886.

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