Idaho for Chance–

It always bring me pleasure when I think about making the trip to Idaho to buy Chance. It brings peace to me mentally. Not sure why, was it buying a new horse, was it traveling up North which I love to do. I don’t know, just I really enjoy the memory.

I had lost my great horse Tudor in September. He hadn’t done much but he was great to me. I was on the search for another cavalry mount. I was on the internet and finally found a 2 year old palomino gelding in Nampa, Idaho.  I bought him from Mr.  Dennis Goff. I’m sure Mr. Goff got tired of me asking him questions as I couldn’t believe he was for sale. I took a chance and bought him. This how he got his name, Chance.

I was having issues getting him hauled down here. Its a pretty good ways down to Paint Rock from Nampa. Nampa is right west of Boise, Idaho. We were out to eat  with Chris and Kacie on a friday night. Kacie was Chris’s wife at the time. I made the off handed comment that I ought to go get him myself. Chris said “lets go”.  I said “ok, lets go in the morning”. Chris said “lets go right now”. We left the boys, Rancie and Colt with Kathy.  Me, Chris and Kacie headed out about 9:00 pm.

By 7:30 the next morning we were in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Now Christopher and Kacie are known to get into fights ever now and then. It was about now in our travel that it looked liked this was going to happen. I thought to myself, this pickup is to tight a quarters for this to happen. I told them as much. I told them to “just look at the mountains”. To this day, this a joke, if someone gets irritated, just say, look at the mountains. Their was no fights on this trip!

We traveled the whole next day through Colorado, and Wyoming. By that night fall, we were leaving Wyoming headed due west toward Idaho. The weather was getting bad and we were just a jump ahead of the snow storm. Chris and me alternated driving duties. Around 3:30 AM, I pulled into Mr. Goff’s place. It was cold, I tell you. However it was November.

After looking Chance over and introducing myself to him, I jumped him in the trailer and headed back home. We were at Mr. Goff’s place for around 30 minutes. With the snow storm behind us, I figured we better get going back home. I drove for about 2 hours when I gave it to Kacie. We had just gotten out of Idaho into Utah when the roads started getting bad. I was driving then. We came around a bend and a vehicle had lost control and turned over. I pulled over. Chris helped the gentleman with his injuries. Another vehicle came along and turned over also. It was a real circus. The State Police came along after a little bit and he were back on the road again. When we were at Provo, Utah, Chris took over the driving duties. He took us till we got to Albuquerque, New Mexico. This was the following night. By now, we were all getting pretty tired. I took us to a roadside park about half way between Roswell and Tatum, New Mexico. I was dangerously tired. We all needed  a short nap. After about 2 hours, we were back on the road. It was around 41  hours in the pickup and NO fights. ha!

Around 1:00 that afternoon, a Monday, Chance was unloaded at his new forever home.

He has been such a blessing to me and my whole family.

Chance right before I bought him

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  1. Mandy says:

    Solid advice! We had to look at the mountains a time or two ourselves last night! Sounds like an eventful and memorable trip for all!

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