Horse Training- The Horses Body

We’ve talked about the horse and how to catch him. Ok, your able to catch him easily. Next you will want to continue the gentling process. You will start this journey at the small part of the neck and go back toward the rear. It will or should take some time and this will be new to the horse. Much petting and talking is required to get the desired response. Always gentle him at a certain spot before moving backwards. Moving to fast will only create a shy horse who will let you touch her or him but not completely relaxed. A relaxed horse is a safe horse most of the time. A safe horse will allow you and the horse to enjoy each other. Isn’t this what you want?

Frequent rubbing in the neck area is needed. Continue down the front leg slowly and frequently. Completely get your horse relaxed with you and your hands on him all over. After a bit, he will not pay you much attention in regards to fear. After a while, she or he will look forward to your rubbing. I’v seen some horse particularly like rubbing between the front legs. They will stick their heads forward. It’s like they are saying, “Oh, that feels so good”. After a while, you will be able to brush the horse and not just pet him.

On the next part of the body, you may want to use a short rope around the weathers and upper belly. As a matter of fact, use the rope all over the horse to completely remove any fear of it as you will be using the rope throughout the horses life. From an actual lariat to a lead rope, ropes and horses just go together. It’s just part of the program. As a word of caution, never tie the rope to you or have a loop in the rope. It should just be a straight rope.

Next time, we will go into how to use the rope and getting the horse used to a saddle blanket.

As usual, any questions are encouraged and wanted.

use of he hands and have the rope close by to familiarize it to the horse

halters or ropes are always around the horse. Example shown her with CaliBryn, my daughter, and Kipsey.

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