Horse Training–The Body–III

The last post, we talked about getting the horse used to be touched all over. I want to go over a few more things to remember to do. If you remember I told you to start at the head and go back toward the rear. The horse has to be completely relaxed with your hands “all” over him. From the ears, on the legs and around the rear. Most likely, the horse will be shy about the ears, this will probably take more time than anything else. You have to use great patience in getting the horse used to having his ears handled. It just takes time, a lot of time, And then some time! You may ask, why? It’s very annoying to have a horse that will not let you bridle him. Its a disserve to you and the horse.

Moving along, work on the legs. Get your hands all over those legs. While you at it, get the horse to give the legs to you so you can move the legs around for doctoring, shoeing or just checking the hoof. At first you will want to do this training with a rope for safety, yours and the horses. Get the horse used to swing the rope, also used to having the rope in between his legs. Well, just about every area of the horse, get them used to the rope. A big cotton rope is best for this as to not burn the horse in any way but most ropes will work if used correctly. Once you get the horse relaxed enough to give you his legs, then tap on them to simulate a hammer while being shod.

Once you get the horse relaxed with the rope, a saddle pad or blanket use be a breeze.

This is a time that you don’t want to cut corners. It will pay you big dividends. Even an beginner can do this. Just don’t tie the rope to you and watch the horse, don’t let him kick you or run over you. They can do this when scared.

Patience, Patience, Patience.

Any questions on this, just leave a comment.


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