Horse Training-The Body II

Last time we looked at the desensitizing the horse or the body in general.

You will continue along the body, mainly the top line and the under belly. As with the front portion of the body, much rubbing with the hands in necessary. You will be able to tell when the horse is absolutely relaxed. I want to tell you right now, that when you get the horse used to one area of the body, that its over. Its not. You always have to go back at the beginning of teaching session and reinforce what you have done previously. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. You always have to repeat. Never, Never wrap the rope around you hand, Never.

Once the horse is familiar with your hands all over them, go to a rope. The rope will always be around the horse, rather it a lead line or just out right roping in general. To begin with, rub the horse with the rope to get them used to the general feel of it. Next get the horse used to the rope swinging. The whirling will at first cause some reaction, they will set down after while. Never the horse with the horse unless its just a slight tap. You don’t want the horse to feel any pain from the rope. This will just enforce his fear of it, therefore his fear of you also. Run the rope between his legs. Be careful, as this can cause them to kick out. Get them used to giving their feet with the pressure of the legs. Run the rope around the girth area as this will simulate the girth being tightened up. Try to make this as much like saddling as possible and that step will come along later.

After the horse is generally used to the rope, try the saddle blanket. In the old time, horse trainers would do what is called “sacking out”. This is getting the horse subdued, either by hobbles or being tied to a stout fence, then taking a sack or saddle blanket and throwing it all over the horse till he get used to it. It can get pretty exciting to say the least at time. The main point is, you to keep doing it till they get used to it. Never stop when the horse is still afraid. Never.

Everything your doing right now is to get the horse calm and relaxed, that is your sole purpose goal right now.

A good solid foundation training will pay big rewards in the long run.

Momma in early stages of training

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