horse Training–Still On The Ground

The last time we looked at being able to catch your horse without a fuss and getting him excited. This teaching will focus on getting him gentle once you can catch him. As I stated earlier in my earlier post, this is not a fast method to train a  horse but it is solid. And, you don’t have to be a professional horse trainer to do it, but you do have to pay attention to what is going on around you.

Ok, you have your horse caught and you have a halter on him or her. I like to start from the nose and go backward. Let him smell first off and get the familiar smell in his senses. Above all else, keep the process as calm as possible. Pat him on the nose and muzzle area, working your hands upward to the ears. Speaking slowly to keep him relaxed at all times. You should be able to read your horse to see if your moving to fast. Go slow, slow, slow, go forward, then retreat, then back to going forward, forward, retreat. It won’t be long before the process will be a old hat to the horse.

However, let the horse tell what and how fast you can work with him. He will let you know when time to call it a day. Remember, your not on a time schedule if its your horse.

If your working for the public, your under a responsibility to put out so much training in a certain amount of time. You don’t have that time requirement when you own your own horse.

Now, I personally believe this will work on any horse but it pays big dividends if you have a horse that has good mental attitude toward you. Some horses are just naturally high strung and therefore will require more time. It works good for both you and the horse if you can see results. Its not to say that you want to rush things but its nice to see progress.

Of course, when the horse starts to relax and calm down, it better for them also. It should be able to tell it in their eyes.

Notice the photos below. This is your desired results in achieving calmness.

As always, any questions or comments are always welcomed.

Happy training.

Maya and Chance–notice the low head signifying calmness

Apache and CaliBryn

Lily and Chance.. notice Chance’s calmness


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