Horse Training from the Ground–II

In the previous entry on this topic, I suggested what I believed to be a very fundamental step and that being establishing your ground manners. In this post, I want to go over this as to show what that actually means. To clarify, this is your interaction with the horse and not so much the training even though you will training. Ever time you come in contact with the horse, your training him. Each time you are in contact with him, focus, focus, focus. Look him in the eye, establish the trust that is so critical to your and his safety. Be easy, easy and rub him a lot, not necessarily pat. Rhythm is the key at this stage. Of course, this is if you can get your hands on the horse. This step may be premature as you will have to overcome the distance factor. Ok, you walk into the pen (assuming you can get the horse in the pen), it all about the flight zone at this point. You walk into that flight zone and the horse is gone. If you want to keep it natural, this will take some time. However, if done correctly, you will establish a solid and sound foundation to definitely build on. In this day and age of get it done right now, that can be a challenge. It is critical that you do you homework on the horse that you want to spend that much time on. Done correctly, you will have a friend for life, if not, the challenges will continue to plague your work. Study the individual before spending that much time. Then make sure you want to make that much of a commitment. In this day and age of internet, that shouldn’t be a problem to research certain pedigrees. However, ultimately, it comes down to the individual.

Happy and safe training,

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