Horse Training–foundation

The training that I’m describing here is not for the trainer who is trying to put as much training on a horse in 30- 90 days. This for the novice trainer that is under no time restrains whatsoever. However long it takes, that is just how long you will give the process. Having said that, the process really never stops, at least ways as long as you are riding or messing with horses. You will put so much into this horse and the process, that the horse will become part of the family so to speak. That is why it is so critical that you know that the horse you are working with is one that you will be happy with long run. He or she may not be the perfect horse but they can be the prefect horse for you and your program.

Another thing, you have to do “something”! Reading about training or watching videos will not benefit you in any way if you don’t apply what you have learned. Sure you may goof up applying it but you are doing something, right or wrong. You have to get in there and try. Come to think of it, this applies to most things in life.

Develop that trust on the ground first and foremost. Once the horse knows he can trust you on the ground, he/she is much more likely to trust on their backs. I realize for the commercial trainer, this may sound like a lot of wasted time. And for them, it probably it. To really get that ground training down solid takes a lot of time but it pays big dividends in the end. Furthermore, you will get so much more out of your horse than just something to throw a saddle on. This will not only make the horse better, it will make you better. That is the really important thing, isn’t it? I know for the commercial training, its making money or a living but for most people, its obtaining that special something in life that you just can’t anywhere else. This is what its all about. Trust and patience, trust and patience.

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