Hauling That Horse Trailer or RV

It’s imperative that you know the specs on both your trailer and pickup (hauling unit) before hooking up and going down the road. You need to know this in order to be safe for both you and your horses, plus protect you property.

The first thing is to be balanced. An side view of your pickup and trailer  will give you some indication if everything is level or balanced. Their will be hardly any squat on the rear of the pickup. Or a forward or backward dip in the trailer. A pickup that is squating on the rear will lift the front end off the ground therefore taking away any effective steering ability. Furthermore, it will cause the trailer to jackknife also causing the driver to lose control. This greatly increases the sway factor. To much sway will make the trailer lose control cause an accident.

Balance is the key factor. This can be done by making sure the weight of both pickup and trailer is equally distributed. Also, attention should given to the tires and their capacity to handle that weight effectively. Each tire will have the carrying capacity stamped on them. Never exceed this. Pay attention to the amount of air pressure each tire can take.

Furthermore, pay attention to the weight capacity of the trailer itself as it relates to the axles. You will probably have to do a little research to find this out. If your having problems finding this out, most tire facilities can tell you this.

Additionally, know the capacity of the pickup your using. What can it haul safely? Like the trailer, you will want to know what the tires can handle. It doesn’t matter what the pickup is designed to carry if the tires are under capacity. They will pop and leaving you stranded on the side of the road. This is the best case situation. The worse case is you will have an accident causing loss of property or life, to either you or your horses.

Safety is the main objective.

Safe hauling!

As usual, what are you thoughts?

A balance pickup and trailer

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