Ft Concho- Early Years–IV

In the early part of my participation with the Ft Concho Cavalry, we stayed pretty active. We had several events at the Fort (Ft Concho) plus several nice event away that kept us busy. The attendance at other forts generally fell into tow categories, field events or parades. No doubt the field events were the most popular to me and rest of the guys also. We would give demonstrations like drilling all of the unit. That generally consisted of around 20 troopers. The First Sargent usually was the one drilling the unit. Sometimes however, a lowly corporal or private might get to do the honors. After I have been promoted to corporal, I was allowed to drill the troops. It was a blast. You have to know the commands obviously but its like a driving a vehicle. You have to know how to steer the body of trooper without getting them into box. Shawn Pazzscuzzi was the first sargent when I was corporal. He was also the unit saddle maker. My first cavalry saddle was made by him and it last me around 20 years.

Another feature that we presented to the public was what we called running at the heads. This consisted of running in a straight line alone several upright poles with heads (cotton sacks) on top of them. Sometimes, they would be on the ground. We would run by and execute a saber cut consistent as to where the sack was at. Sacks on the head required a different cut than that of a sack on the ground.

Other times, we would have balloons on the poles and ride by and shot them out with our pistols. We had blanks in our pistols. Blanks still use a projectile so you had to be safe at all times. I wasn’t there, but one time Shawn shot his horse Libby in the back of the head. She went to the ground but was ok. Nearly all of us has had a “wreck” at one time or another. It was just the nature of the beast.

Sometimes we would do a unit charge. This could be dangerous, especially when you had some troopers that weren’t good at keeping their horses under control.

I didn’t like wrecks so I tried to keep my horses trained as much as I could to prevent them.

Tell me of you experiences with the Ft Concho Cavalry. I know we would all like to hear about them.

The photo below is me running the heads at St Davis while ridding Chance.

Shawn and Libby

Chance and Me at Ft Davis

Shawn and Libby

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