Ft Concho–Early Years-II

I was now part of the Fort Concho Cavalry. I was riding Cash, a nice horse but not to level headed in these sort of events. Yes, given  time he  probably would have turned out fine but I was in a hurry to get something I could depend on under these circumstances.

Let me give you an example. The first year I was in the cavalry, we had a Christmas pagent. Cash was so unstable that I finally had to use my mare, Gay. She didn’t like it much either but her reactions where a whole lot less explosive. He just needed to be in another enviroment like roping. That is the reason he got traded off for Jasper, plus the fact he kicked me about 3 times. That’s part of having horses. Another thing, this is supposed to be fun and ridding on a horse that could explode any minute is not fun, at least not to me.

It was during these Christmas events that we would picket our horses on the parade ground with just a rope fence under guard of one trooper. I stayed there most of the time as I just didn’t think we needed a wreck with all of those horses. I loved being around all of those horses. It was just a pure pleasure. It just something you have to experience to know what I mean. After it was over, John Vaughn, Fort Concho director, told me I was “solid as a rock”. I’ve always treasured that compliment. John would drive his mules around with the period wagon the fort had. That wagon was another “bugger” the horses had to get used to. They would eventually come around though. I held the rank of private at this time.

When we went to out of time events, I always stayed with the horses. Some of the troopers would go get a motel room if possible. I just never could do that. I would worry about them to much. I guess maybe why they could is because they knew I was there to watch them. We had a man once at Ft Davis that wanted to ride with us. He brought his horse there and just left for a day. We watched over the horse but let him know that wasn’t going to happen again, at least not with us.

We always had a lot diverse weather. It can test you metal pretty good to stay a horseback in blizzard weather. Back then, we didn’t cancel many functions. Not only cold but heat as well, would attack us. I guess the Christmas at Ole Fort Concho has experienced all types of weather, from dry as a bone, sand storms, heavy rain, cold cold snow just to mention some.

It was some of the most enjoyable times of my life.

If you have been with the Fort Concho Cavalry OR have just attended the Christmas at Ole Fort , make a comment here to share you experiences.


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