Fort Concho Cavalry–Early Years III

For the most part, the first several years with the Fort Concho Cavalry consisted of monthly practices, parades and attending other forts which I thoroughly enjoyed. However, after that, the cavalry competition came into focus. I became aware of this  early on at Christmas @ Ole Concho events in December.

My first horse, Cash Had kicked me pretty good so he got traded off for a horse named Jasper.

Like Cash, Jasper didn’t have any cavalry training but he handled the fear factor a lot better. He would be my first cavalry competition mount. He was a Doc Bar bred horse. Actually, Jasper was a Doc Perscription son. I wasn’t able to drive so I got Conrad McClure to drive my van down to Barksdale, Texas  and on March 29th, we took Cash and ended up trading Cash for Jasper plus some money. Jasper’s laidback attitude made him great for cavalry events. Albert Wells was the man who owned Jasper. Jasper was a lineback dun, 15.1 hands and weighing around 1,150 lbs.

The first Cavalry competition I attended was at the Lubbock Airport. It was on October 10 and 11th, 1992. It was called the Cavalry Olympics .Jasper was to hyper. I didn’t win anything. Russell, who was riding Taneria, and we both rode in the platoon competition. His saddle blanket came off during this competition. Shawn won 2nd in novice competition. This was my first cavalry competition. Back then, you only had veteran and novice classes. At this time, Ray Thomas was my mentor as to what to do in regards to the cavalry competition. His teaching served me well throughout all of my competitions thereafter, even to the transition to the National Cavalry Competition. To this day, I’m the longest continual competing competitor. However in my recent years, I’ve not been able to compete due to health reasons.

It was fun and I was hooked on it. This was a good time for me and Russell, we both loved history and horses. It was a real blessing.

Jasper at the cavalry school

The photo is blurry but you can see Jasper in good form.

Please share any thoughts or experiences you might have relating.

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