Cain in his winter coat


Cain at work.

In my earlier post on Cain, I had described how I got Cain or how it came about. This time, I want to describe what he was like as a stock dog. Cain was a red merle in color. He weigh about 50-55 lbs which is about medium for a male Australian shepherd. He had brown eyes. His temperament was mild, both with man and other dogs. He was not aggressive with other dogs but if they attacked him, he could sure handle his side of things. He didn’t start fights. Like I said in my earlier post, he was a true canine gentleman with people. His working style was aggressive on cattle. He generally would heel about  a foot off the ground, though sometimes he was right on the ground or lower portion of the heel. He was very tough on the head if needed.

I got Cain home from Midland around 1:00am. It was a 2 hour trip from the Midland airport. The next morning I was anxious to try him out. He didn’t disappoint. When I ask him to engage, he was right on it. When I ask him to pull off, he minded immediately.

When a stock dog has the strong instincts to work cattle, sometimes it hard to get them to pull off. This was not the case with Cain. He has strong working instincts but very controllable. He loved to engage though.

Sheep took more control and were worked back away more which took more control on behalf of Cain. If confronted, he wanted to engage and I had to watch that with him but eventually we came to together on our working as a team. He was easy on Duck but he did want to partake in casual tail plucking sometimes.

All in all, he handle every type of stock presented to him. He was awarded the triple ATD (ADVANCED TRIAL DOG).

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