Cain-Introduction to competition

Cain had a successful career as a competitor, especially in the trialing arena. As I stated in my earlier post about Cain, I acquired him the first part of 1981. I knew a few people previously from other purchases like the Gary and Wanda Bogy. We decided to take Cain down to Conroe, Texas for their winter show. This was a conformation show only. James and Joyce Reaves where perfect host at their home as we met a lot of Australian Shepherd enthusiast.

It was kinda funny though. Nobody knew me but they sure knew Cain. I kept hearing, “oh, your the  man that bought Windsong’s Raisin Cain”. That would carry on for years to come. It was a big deal for Cain to come to Texas.

This would be the show that Russell, my oldest son would get to show Cain in a Junior conformation class. I can’t remember how old Russell was at that time but I think he was around 5 0r 6 years old. He loved it. Cain just went along with what ever Russell told him to do. The judge was so patient while she showed Russell how to handle Cain. It was becoming apparent that Cain was establishing himself as part of the Dill family. We were so lucky to have access to a dog like him.

Russell and Cain

We would return home with new friends and a strong desire to get into the trail arena. We had made out introduction into the Aussie world under the Australian Shepherd club of America (ASCA) umbrella.

Later that year in May at Waxahatchie, Texas, I was able to get into the trial arena. According to my own kept records, Cain placed 2nd place in conformation for both days. When I bought Cain, he had 9 points already toward his conformation champion title. He placed 1st in sheep, 3rd cattle on the 24th of May. On the 25th, he placed 1st in sheep, 4th in cattle and 4th in ducks.

For my first time to trial him, I felt we did good. Come to think of it, it was my first time to trial period. It was fun. I was hooked. I had a good teacher in Cain.

If you’ve ever trialed, let us hear about your first trailing experience.

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2 Responses to “Cain-Introduction to competition”

  1. Mandy Dill says:

    That is such a great picture and story! Cain must have been such an impressive dog. Russ has fond memories of him. I hope Cora can live up to at least a little of the legacy!

    • Rick Dill says:

      Yea, he was pretty special. I was so blessed to have him in my life. I know the kids loved him. I just wonder if I could ever have another one like him in life. Thank you for your special comments. Rick

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