Cain–His Temperament

I’ve spoken about Cain’s arrival and his working style. Now let me give you a glimpse of his temperament. A lot of aggressive stock dogs carry the same temperament in their their everyday life. This is not always the case but it can be. I’ve had some good ranch dogs in the past but had to watch them around strangers. Now I will be the first to tell you I like a little possessiveness in my dogs. I don’t really like for a stranger to come to the place and steal me blind while the dog sits on the porch watching him. Like anything though, it can be carried to far, therefore exposing the owner to some liability issues. In this respects, to each his own preference.

I would describe Cain’s temperament as very mild. He would bark to let us know if a stranger was on the place but was never aggressive toward humans. As for as dogs were concerned, he wouldn’t stand to back off from a threat but never brought on one either. I just never had to worry about him when it came to his conduct with other dogs or humans. Like I said earlier, he was a perfect gentleman.

In that same thread, he was never a problem with out cats. As a matter of fact, they viewed him as one of the bunch as the attached photo will show. Cats have always been part of out lives, just as the dogs and horses have been. Cain was easy with both. He never went out to harass the livestock unless I was around to work him. He just simply knew his place in our program. He never abused that position. He was a honored part of our family. I was truly blessed to have such a canine partner in my life. They say that a man, or woman, only has one really good dog in their life. Cain was mine.


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