In the early years of my competition experience, their only existed 3 areas of competition. 3 levels existed within each area, started, open and advanced. Those areas not being ducks, sheep and cattle. You worked sheep and cattle in the same arena. Ducks where in a much smaller area. I can’t remember the exact size but it was something like 40′ x 40′, some thing of that size. Large enough to give the dog room to work but not so small as to have the dog on the ducks so to speak.

For some reason, I always thought Cain thought working ducks was beneath him. You know, No self respecting cow dog would work ducks! He definitely showed it in his attitude toward them. He would sure pull a feather if he thought he could get away with it. I had to stay on top of him. Maybe that is why he didn’t like working them. I want to go on record right now, He Never killed a duck, ha!

My records ( I want to stress my records) show the following:

Started scores: 82/125—Ken Claussen–10-14-78     88/125–Richard Wood–4-22-79

Open scores: 90/125–Jeannie Weaver–4-18-82     90/125–Kalvin Tupps–4-24-82

Advanced scores: 97/125–Walter Lamar  10-9-82    95/125–Dick Sorenson–11-21-82

Basically, once I got Cain’s titles, I stopped working him in Ducks. He was more aggressive and needed more room to operate . It was way to mechanical for him as I had to stay on top of him to keep him from eating them. Probably if he had a better trainer, he would have done better but he was a cow dog. Despite all of that, he did win some while working ducks.

He took a 1st under judge Ernie Hartnagle in Waxahatchie, Texas with a 86 score. Their were other good scores but not sure about the placings.

Cain could sure work ducks but to win you needed that smoothness to get the high scores.

Your thoughts on any performances you had with dogs? add in the comments. would love to see them.

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