A Western Christian Story–Chapter 4


Quanah wasn’t on the warpath today. He was just taking his time exploring, rather enjoying his surroundings. Since the white man had come into his life, this was a rare event to find time to relax. The truth of the matter, you could never completely relax in the wild. In the 1800’s, if your were an Indian, you couldn’t relax anywhere. Their was always something trying to kill you.

Quanah was half white. As such, he viewed the white man a little different that his full blooded Indian brothers. Especially after the big rifle bellowed and killed his friend at a miles distance. He sensed that he was not only dealing with another being of a different color, but a higher technology that he knew nothing about.

Quanah didn’t know what the word “technology” meant, but he knew there was something higher than him. He knew that to survive, he needed to embrace this higher power.

When the white man has spared his life, he also knew that a higher power was at work. A power that he knew nothing about. This power he wanted to know about.  A power so great that it made a killer put down his weapon. What a great power this was indeed.

A power that could kill and a power so great that it could stop killing. This was his quest to know more about both. He felt that the white man that spared his wife would be the key to fulfilling this quest.

The smoke smell was getting stronger. He had to be cautious when dealing with white men. Just because he had spared his life once, didn’t mean he would do it again. This was a risk that Quanah had to take. He just needed to make sure that this was the same white man.

He had to be brave. All elements of risk require some form of bravery. He rode out into the clearing. He was at least 300 yards away from the camp site of Zeb. Quanah didn’t know how good the woman was with a rifle.

RosaLee said, “Momma, there is an Indian!”

“I see him” replied Zeb, “ don’t do any shooting till I tell you to”

“I’ll pick my own time to kill if I feel like it” the Mother replied.

“you’ll do as I say or we’ll all be dead before this is over. Just be patient. I don’t believe he is here to harm us. Not all Indian are out to kill”

As Quahan rode closer, Zeb commented, “I think I know him, it could be him.”

“You what?, you know him? The mother said.

“yea, I spared his life one time. Not to long ago. It was just a couple of days ago. He owes it to me to spare my life if it should ever get to that point.”

“Does that mean he will spare our lives too?”

“nope, your on your own” Zeb smiled with a big grinn.

She cast a look of disapproval. This was no time for humor. He got a big kick out of it.

Quanah rode to within 150 feet of the wagon. He stopped. All guns were aimed at him. He didn’t make a move. Not at least any sudden moves.

Quanah lifted his hand in a gesture of friendship. He knew some English but it was very limited. “Me, Quanah”.

With no beating around the bush, Quanah came right to the point. “Why you no kill me? Back there. “

Zeb replied, “to much blood has been spilled on this ground. I don’t kill unless it is necessary. Do you come in peace? Do you wish to speak as friends? Do you?”

Quanah’s affirmative node was sincere. He wanted to be friends. He wanted peace.

As Quanah dismounted off of his bay stud, he kept his rifle in his hands. All eyes were on him. He walked forward cautiously. He was cautious about the here and now but hopeful for the future and what it would bring. Zeb pointed for the old fallen tree to sit on. Quanah laid his rifle against it and folded his hands as to not present any threat.

Zeb lowered his rifle and laid it against the tree. His pistol was still in its holster, ready for use if it came to that. Tensions were high but coming down. It would take time.

“do you drink coffee?” Zeb asked. Many of the Indians had adopted the coffee as a drink of choice if they could get their hands on it. Quanah had drank it in the past. It was good.

He nodded yes, he like coffee. At that the Mother, lowered her gun and quickly found Quanah a cup to drink out of. Rosa Lee staired in wonderment. This was the first real Indian she had ever seen. Quanah took a sip of the coffee. It was good. It was silent for a while.

The ice was immediately broken when Quanah asked if the mother was Zeb’s wife. Both Zeb and the mother shot out with a reply of “no”. Rosa Lee smiled, that was funny she thought. It was a nice thought though. Maybe, just maybe. She missed having a father and man around.

Zeb took a sip now. “my name is Zeb. This is EstherMay, and she is Rosa Lee” as he pointed to the young girl. Rose Lee was shy about the whole thing.

Esther May replied “It is nice to meet you Quanah, very nice.” She was sincere.

Quanah replied as he looked at Zeb, “to bad she not your woman. She is good woman, strong. She bare you good sons.”

Esther may blushed at this.

Zeb replied, “why are you out here alone? Are your people around close?”

“I ride alone now. My time will come to return to my people. I have a trail to follow and you, I believe, will help my on this journey. I need to know what power is so great to keep you form killing me. You have a power to stop killing. I need to know about this power. Maybe one day, all men will stop.” Quanah said.

All ears where on Zeb’s reply. His reply wasn’t just for Quanah.

“Quanah, I serve a God that so great that he made all that is around you. All you see he made. He is greater than all other gods. He is a God above all gods. I will tell you of this God but it will take time. We need to be away from any others that would wish to harm you or me. It needs to be only us. And Esther May and her daughter if they would stay with us for a while. Otherwise, Quanah, I need to take them to their destiny, their place. Esther May?”

Almost instinctively, Esther May said yes. Rosa Lee was glad. She like Zeb, he was special, very special.

“good, we start tomorrow. There is plenty of game here and water. I will teach you what I know about my God. His name is Jesus Christ. Tomorrow we start.”

Quanah was glad and excited. This would be a life long journey.

Though Zeb was glad about his new quest, he still studied his surroundings to make sure all was well. Quanah did the same. You didn’t live in the wild without paying attention to the things that might try to kill you, rather it was man or beast.

Little did they know, that the quest would start for all of them tomorrow.


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