2021 National Cavalry Competition (NCC)

This year on September 21st thru 25th in El Reno, Oklahoma at Ft Reno, the NCC will be held. If you have the least in bit of interest in the historical cavalry, I encourage you to attend. It’s not often the we get to see 60-75 mounted troopers mostly from the Indian Wars period. Occasionally, you see another period represented but it mostly Indian War era seen. To give you a little insight as to what happens at this event, I will tell you a little about the 5 basic areas of competition. Their are a few others but these 5 are the main ones seen.

The first one is Military Horsemanship: According to the level the rider is in, he/she will go through a pattern to show the expertise of the rider and horse. Of course, this is military based.

The second one if the Combat Horsemanship classes. Once again, according to the level the rider is in will dictated what is expected of both rider and horse. This entails horse control as well as the rider’s ability to perform certain tasks Mainly 7 individual performances are expected in each exhibition. This is not an timed event.

The third performance is Sabers. The rider is expected to go through a specific course demonstrating various saber maneuvers. The level of  the rider will dictate what is expected of him and his mount. Most of the time, jumping is required.

The fourth performance is pistols. A course is set out for each level for the rider to go through shooting balloons. This is a timed event and is judged on faults as well. This event includes jumping as well.

The fifth performance is the military field jumping. Different levels are expected to jump at their respective heights. Both faults and time make up the rider’s score.

This is a very brief description of this event but gives an individual some ideal of what takes place in Ft Reno in the fall.

The photo to your left is Martina Peters riding Chance at the 2021 Regional Cavalry Competition in the Military Field Jumping. They were the All Around Champions.

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