2021 National Cavalry Competition–day 1

Today, September 22, marks the beginning of the competition in Ft Reno,  in El Reno, Oklahoma. The competition of Military Horsemanship began at 1:00 pm. This competition is a series of procedures required of the horse on a set pattern. The higher the level, the more demanding the procedure to be accomplished, with different gaits and seats to be performed. Historically, the objective was have your military mount utilize these functions during a period of combat or moving in the field. The instant response of the horse from the rider is the desired response for a high score in this area of competition. Furthermore, the correct military appearance is critical to promote the true equine military representation. To be correct as to the military time period portrayed is essential.

Each competitor is judged according to a pre-determined score sheet. There upon, he/she will receive remarks as to the efficient manner is which the team performed. A team being the horse and rider. Some of the collective remarks will address gaits, impulsions, submissions, correctness and effect to the aids used. All the while being administered in a true military bearing.

The judges are men and women of extensive experience this area of expertise. The competitor can rest assured he or she is will receive a fair and thorough evaluation of his or her performance.

Military Horsemanship national winner in years past

Chance–2018 National Military Horsemanship Champion

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